2012-13 Senior Survey
Arts & Sciences Report

Office of Assessment
July 2013




Prepared by:

Christopher Urban
Assistant Director

Priyanka Masuram
Graduate Assistant

Amanda Mellenbruch
Undergraduate Assistant

Office of Assessment

Kansas State University

July 2013
  • In the College of Arts & Sciences, there were 698 responses. 
  • 96% reported that they had a positive (36%) or very positive (60%) attitude toward K-State.
  • 96% indicated that they definitely (60%) or probably (36%) would recommend K-State to others. 
  • 57% were female, while 43% were male. 
  • 96% reported that they were U.S. citizens. 
  • 58% reported that they were involved in volunteer work during their K-State career.
  • 2% reported that their plans after graduation were to engage in volunteer service (Peace Corps, Americorp, etc.).
Ethnicity/Race of Respondents
Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Major
316 respondents (47%) reported that they were involved in a research or creative endeavor. Of those respondents...​​​
  • 57% reported being involved for 2 or less semesters
  • 25% reported being involved for 3-4 semesters
  • 10% reported being involved for 5-6 semesters
  • 3% reported being involved for 7-8 semesters
  • 5% reported being involved for 9 or more semesters
K-State 2025 Thematic Goal I
Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities, and Discovery

To what extent do you feel the undergraduate research/creative endeavor experience contributed to your undergraduate academic success?
What types of dissemination of your undergraduate research/creative endeavor did you successfully achieve?

Did your undergraduate research/creative endeavor contribute to your career choice?
Students in my major are encouraged to: 
  • 89% reported that they strongly agreed (51%) or agreed (38%) that their majors were academically stimulating. 
  • 74% reported that they felt a sense of belonging among students, student groups, and activities.
  • 82% reported that they felt a moderate to strong emphasis on the development of academic, scholarly, and intellectual qualities.
  • 80% reported that they felt a moderate to strong emphasis on the development of being able to be critical, evaluative, and analytical. 
  • 73% reported that they felt a moderate to strong emphasis on the personal relevance and practical value of their courses. 
  • 65% reported that they felt a moderate to strong emphasis on the development of vocational and occupational competence.
  •  60% reported that they felt a moderate to strong emphasis on the development of aesthetic, expressive, and creative qualities. 
K-State 2025 Thematic Goal II
Undergraduate Educational Experience
Did you also graduate with any of the following?
Students in my major are: 
Progress made in each of the following areas as a result of K-State experience:
K-State 8 General Education Outcomes
University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes
40% reported that they felt they made a lot of progress in gaining a broad general education about different fields of knowledge, and 40% reported that they felt they made some progress. This area is both a K-State 8 outcome and University Undergraduate outcome. 
  • 69% reported that they strongly agreed (35%) or agreed (34%) that students in their major were encouraged to become personally acquainted with the department's faculty. 
  • When asked about relationships with faculty, 77% reported that faculty are approachable, understanding, and helpful. 70% reported the same for academic advisors, and 55% felt the graduate teaching assistants were helpful. 

K-State 2025 Thematic Goal V
Faculty and Staff
How often did you interact with faculty outside of class time?
I found my major to be characterized by mutual respect between undergraduate professors.
In my major, faculty/staff: